Extra-Help & Makeup Days Procedure

  • MHS and Ames students will be afforded the opportunity to make-up any legal absences and legal excuses from class. Teachers will inform the students of there scheduled after school make-up day at the beginning of the first marking period. Students may only make-up one class per day and only during the activity in which the legal excuse occurred.  Teachers will remain in contact with the parents/guardians and the students to alert them of any make-up classes or additional work required to receive a passing grade. 

    The students have the opportunity to make up a class with their teacher of record on the assigned make-up day or with the teacher of record during the student's free period that coincides with the teacher's teaching schedule.  In the event of a conflict, the student with prior approval may attend any after school make-up session with the assigned teacher of the day. 

    Students who have illegal absences, excuses and cuts will not be permitted to make up any classes.

  • Massapequa High School

    Monday:  Mr. Sheedy and Ms. Zimmer

    Wednesday:  Mr. Santucci and Mrs. Canle

    Thursday:  Mr. Sauter and Mr. Rath

    Friday: Mr. Radomski and Mrs. Roessler

    Ames Campus

    Monday:  Mr. Lassen

    Wednesday:  Mr. Trotta

    Thursday:  Mr. Serrano