Business & Marketing Honor Society of New York State

  • The primary purpose of the Business & Marketing Honor Society of New York State is to recognize those students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in a secondary business/marketing program.


    • Students must be currently enrolled in a business/marketing course
    • Seniors:  Must complete 3 units in business/marketing by the end of the current school year.
    • Sophomores/Juniors:  Must complete 2 units in business/marketing by the end of the current school year and should be planning to continue for at least one additional credit prior to graduation.

    Minimum Criteria:

    • GPA Business Marketing Courses   B+ or higher
    • GPA Overall  B or higher

    Additional Criteria:

    • Students selected for recognition must also demonstrate, both in the classroom and through extracurricular involvement, the following: 
    • Character (evidenced by teachers attesting to this quality)
    • Leadership (evidenced by committee chair positions, officer/chair or other lead positions in student organizations, civic/community leadership roles, etc.)
    • Service (evidenced by volunteer activities in the school and/or community)

    Application Process:

    • See your business education teacher for an application.
    • Complete the application neatly.
    • Be sure to get the appropriate teacher signatures.
    • Return the completed application along with the following to your business education teacher:
      • Teacher recommendation letter attesting to the student's character, leadership and service.
      • Copy of your most recent transcript which you can print from Parent Portal. 
    • Selection is determined within 3 - 4 weeks.
    • If accepted, student is sent a letter of approval and invited to an induction breakfast held in May. 
    • If declined, student is sent a letter stating reason(s) for decline.


    • Your application will not be accepted if you are missing any of the above requirements.
    • Applications are due by March 1 for consideration for the present school year.
    • Return to Mrs. DeLury in the Career Explorations Office.