Course Content Booklet

  • A successful high school experience requires careful planning. The purpose of this booklet is to outline the many courses offered at Massapequa High School and Massapequa High School - Ames Campus. It should be read carefully by every student and his/her parents. 
    Each year we revise and update this Course Content Booklet to reflect the latest course offerings and opportunities. The information contained herein is designed to clearly explain the many options that are available. Take the time to discuss these options with your counselor. The best way to do this is in person. I, therefore, urge parents and students to set aside the time for an appointment with your guidance counselor. It is only through having all your questions answered that the schedule will truly reflect what is best for you. 
    The decisions you make as you proceed through senior high school will significantly affect your future. Make them wisely and with careful consideration. The administration, guidance staff, and your teachers are ready to assist you. Good luck.