District/School Phone and Text Messages (ParentLink)

  • Our voice and text communication tool, ParentLink, is designed to provide parents/guardians with telephone (voice recording and cell phone text) notifications of important information, typically school delays or closures. This automated system has the capability of reaching out to each student’s family in a matter of minutes for notifications ranging from school closings to student attendance verification. This system syncs with telephone contact information in our Student Management System, PowerSchool. 

    Please note, students and community members can download our district app for "voice and text notifications" for school closings and delays. (Please allow app notifications on the device to be alerted.)

    Parent Support: If you need to update telephone contact information, please contact your school’s General Office and ask to speak with the building registrar. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Information Management group at powerschool@msd.k12.ny.us.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

  • Q: A notification went out and I did not receive it.
         A: The most common cause of this is inaccurate or outdated information in PowerSchool. Please update your current information yearly on your returning student form. If you need to update contact information during the year, please contact your school’s General Office and ask to speak with the building registrar.

    Q. Part of the notification message was cut off
         A. ParentLink begins the recorded message after it hears a voice, followed by a pause. This allows for the typical phone-call answer of, “Hello?” followed by a pause, as well as a typical voicemail recording. However, if your phone carrier plays a recording or other sounds as the call is going through, it may fool ParentLink into thinking it could begin playing its message. In these circumstances, since the message began prematurely, you may only hear part of it. Voicemail messages that include too lengthy of a pause can also cause this to occur.

    Q. Is there a way of replaying the message?
         A: If you answered the phone message “live”, you can repeat it by pressing 1. If the message was left on your voicemail, it unfortunately cannot be repeated in its entirety. However, most important or emergency messages are also noted on the district’s website (www.msd.k12.ny.us) and can be retrieved there.