• School Psychologists work to enrich the educational setting through development of a positive social emotional climate that enhances student health, positivity and learning readiness.  Each of the Student Support Services teams in every building includes full-time psychologist(s).  All psychologists are fully credentialed and New York State certified in the practice of school psychology.

School Psychologists assist students in several ways:

    • Provide individual and group counseling for school adjustment concerns
    • Consult with students, families and staff to support students
    • Design, implement and monitor interventions to help students achieve success in the school setting
    • Conduct and interpret psychological and psychoeducational assessments to gain insight into cognitive strengths and weaknesses, learning styles, achievement levels, attentional and organizational needs, and social emotional development.
    • Assume a critical role in crisis intervention services
    • Develop appropriate Individual Education Plans
    • Integral members on the Committees on Special Education, 504, and the Instructional Support Team


  • Jordan McCaw
    Executive Director for Pupil Personnel Services

    Massapequa Public Schools
    4925 Merrick Road
    Massapequa, New York  11758
    (516) 308-5051


  • Birch Lane

    Dr. Christine Bertrand 516-308-5152
    Ms. Arielle Joseph 516-308-5151
    Dr. Zachary Rose 516-308-5144

    East Lake
    Ms. Laura Hess 516-308-5251

    Dr. Kaitlin McSwiggan 516-308-5251

    Mrs. Jaclyn Cardillo 516-308-5350

    Mrs. Chanah Greenstein 516-308-5400

    Dr. Megan Klement 516-308-5556

    Mr. Michael Verini 516-308-5522

    Dr. Michael Attanasio 516-308-5666

    Mrs. Kimberly Dempsey 516-308-5716

    Mrs. Amy Fullone 516-308-5716
    Dr. Tracy Johnson 516-308-5716
    Mrs. Heather Rowland 516-308-5716

    Dr. Vincent Pennisi 516-308-5850

    Dr. David Doring 516-308-5950

    Mrs. Alyssa Elias 516-308-5950
    Dr. Donna Neary 516-308-5950
    Mrs. Lauren Zaikowski 516-308-5954