Schoolwide Enrichment Model

  • The Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) began as a pilot program in 2007 in three of our district elementary schools and has since successfully expanded to all six buildings. The program is based on a proposal submitted by the District Committee on Gifted and Talented Education in January 2005. It represents the collaboration of parents, teachers, and administrators in ways to improve the delivery of education to high ability students, while extending greater opportunities for all students, thus “a rising tide lifts all ships.” Our dedicated staff members accomplish the goal of enrichment for all students through high levels of engagement and through the use of enjoyable and challenging learning experiences that are designed around students’ interests, learning styles and preferred modes of expression.

    "A rising tide lifts all ships."

Magnet Program

  • The Magnet program is designed to bring gifted students together to promote higher level thinking skills while nurturing creative problem solving ability. The interdisciplinary program is designed to coordinate and extend the regular classroom curriculum. Magnet is a stimulating enrichment program for students identified by a comprehensive selection process that takes place in grade three. The program services the District’s elementary students in grades four through five. Magnet is designed to foster self-directed, life-long learning by providing an opportunity for exploration, interest development, and in-depth studies. The Magnet program enables students to become not merely consumers of knowledge, but producers of ideas.