News from Administration


    January 2024


    Dear Unqua Families,


    Happy New Year. We hope you all enjoyed the holidays and the break and found some time to rejuvenate for the new year ahead.  We look forward to more exciting activities and events as the year continues; please look for our Weekly Wrap Up and news from PTA about upcoming events. 

    We would like to remind you of the following protocols to ensure safety and maximize instructional time throughout the day. 


    Arrival Reminders

    On Wednesdays for Extra Help, the Unqua Circle from 8:30 am – 8:55 am, is a STOP, DROP AND GO area. All cars pulling into the lot, are to pull up to the stop sign, or as far as the line of cars allows.  Students should be ready to exit your vehicle when you pull into the circle from the passenger side. We need to keep the traffic flow moving as we have many students attending Extra Help. During this time, if you need to walk your child into the building, please park on Unqua Road or on one of the surrounding side streets.

    After 9:00 am, Unqua Road in front of the school in between our driveway entrance and exit, continues to be a STOP, DROP AND GO area. Again, students should be ready to exit your vehicle on the curbside when you pull in front of the building. In order to allow for the maximum number of students to be dropped off, I am asking that parents do not get out of their cars, as this does cause a backup on Unqua Road. If you need to walk your child into the building, please park on one of the surrounding side streets north or south of the building. Parking and/or getting out of your car while on the street can be dangerous for others and interrupt the flow of traffic.


    Dismissal & Club Pick Up 

    As stated earlier in the year, District protocols have noted that if you need to change your child’s dismissal procedure, please send in a note or call the main office prior to 1:30 pm. While emergencies occur, we need your cooperation to ensure a smooth dismissal.  As long as you notify the office by 1:30, the office staff will ensure your message gets to the classroom teacher to communicate this change with your child. As always, please keep us apprised of those adults who have permission to pick up your child in your absence.  

    When picking up your child from a club, please DO NOT park in the circle, along the curb in front of the building. This does not allow for staff to pull out of their parking spot safely. Please ONLY park in designated parking spots or on Unqua Road.

    Dropping off items, lunch, instruments, etc. to the Front Desk

    We always work to maximize instruction and keep distractions to a minimum in the classroom. Therefore, classrooms will only be called a few minutes prior to lunch to pick up any items brought to the front desk in the morning. This includes homework, classwork, instruments, and lunches. Teachers can call the Front Desk at any time to see if deliveries were made. Students waiting for instruments have been instructed to stop at the Front Desk at their scheduled lesson time to pick up instruments that may have been dropped off. 


    Field Day

    This is just a reminder that in order to be a volunteer for Field Day, volunteers MUST be a PTA member for the 23-24 school year (prior to 5/1) and either actively participate on at least one committee during the year or attend 3 PTA meetings during the year.


    Please remember all of the ways you can stay in touch with Unqua events:

    • District Website & District EMail (

    • Teacher Remind messages (if applicable to your child’s class and/or bus)

    • Weekly Wrap Ups - sent out on Friday afternoons

    Thank you for your continued support. We wish you all a happy, healthy 2024.



    Mrs. Deanna Catapano, Principal                                         

    Mrs. Laura Hulsaver, Assistant Principal   

    Mrs. Stefanie DelGiorno, Special Education Supervisor