•  Spring Assembly

    East Lake Beginner Spring Assembly

    As a culmination of hard work and practice, East Lake third and fourth grade students in chorus, recorder band, band and orchestra had the opportunity to showcase their learned skills. Under the direction of Mrs. Debbie Burkart, orchestra, Mrs. Gina Aspetti, chorus and 3 grade recorder, and Ms. Amanda Collins, band.

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  •  Visiting Author

    A Visiting Author At East Lake

    Local author Lawrence Dupkin recently visited with 1st grade classes at East Lake Elementary to discuss his book "Jeb on the Farm". After reading the book to students, Mr. Dupkin explained how he came up with the story when his own East Lake children were very little

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  •  Magnet Cardboard Arcade Challenge

    East Lake Magnet Cardboard Arcade Challenge

    East Lake Magnet Grade 4 students hosted the Caine’s Arcade Cardboard Challenge where students used recycled materials and their imaginations to create games. Magnet students built creative arcade games to show off their imaginative designs and building skills.

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  •  Poetry

    A Deep Dive into Poetry at East Lake

    To kick off a poetry unit, second graders at East Lake Elementary School shared their knowledge about the unique genre of writing. Teacher Michaela Koetzner gave students a prompt, “What do you think of when you hear poetry?”

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  •  Community Helper Day

    Community Helper Day at East Lake School

    The students in Mrs. Sicignano's class shared a Career Day Showcase. After a culmination of a month-long study on community, students learned about who are the members of our community, where do they work, how do they help us and what tools do they need to perform their job.

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  •  Story Sounds

    Story Sounds at East Lake

    Mrs. Dixon's kindergarten class experienced the magic of the Novel Effect app! Mrs. Flanagan read, "If You Give a Dog a Donut" aloud while students experienced the fun, interactive sound effects and music that brought the story to life!

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  •  MD Tea 2023

    East Lake Mother's Day Tea 2023

    As a tradition at East Lake Elementary School, the kindergarten students and staff hosted a beautiful Mother’s Day Tea. Prior to the tea, the students learned many things.

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  •  Rhyming Rainbows

    Rhyming Rainbows at East Lake

    Students in Mrs. LaBosco's kindergarten class recently worked on their rhyming skills and created a beautiful Rainbow Rhyme. The children wrote about their favorite color and other things that are also the same color.

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  •  Music Racers

    Music Racers at East Lake

    The students in Ms. Collins music lessons are enjoying a fun learning game with music notes. MusicRacer is a note reading game where students work on mastering reading notes in different clefs depending on what instrument they play.

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  •  G2 Pizza Project

    It's a Pizza Project at East Lake

    Mrs. Marshall's second grade  class continues to explore a unit of focused fiction and participated in literacy centers. The children read the book, Secret Pizza Party, by the author Daniel Rubin, who is known for writing Dragon's Love Tacos

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  •  Kindergarteners Visit the Library

    East Lake Kindergarteners Visit the Library

    This week the Kindergarten students of East Lake School had the opportunity to go on a field trip to the Massapequa Public Library. Students listened to several stories read to them by Miss. Liz.

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  •  Invention Convention

    Ideas Spark Inventions at East Lake

    Long after Thomas Edison, George Washington Carver and Benjamin Franklin made their mark, fifth graders at East Lake Elementary School were trying to secure their place in invention history.

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