Social Studies

  • The mission of the Massapequa Public School social studies program is driven by our district commitment to educating our children for responsible citizenship as members of the local, national, and world communities and based on The New York State and national standards for teaching and learning in social studies and history.  Inquiry is at the core of this curriculum as students are challenged to ask questions, investigate, analyze, and critique before they draw conclusions.  Students must connect knowledge, skills, and values as they engage in historical and social inquiry.  They must be able to recognize and respect multiple perspectives and diverse experiences in order to be contributing members of society.


    • Gathering, Interpreting, and Using Evidence
    • Chronological reasoning and Causation
    • Comparison and Contextualization
    • Geographic Reasoning
    • Economics and Economic Systems
    • Civil Participation

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MR. Gelardi


  • Jason Gelardi
    Curriculum Associate for Social Studies

    Massapequa Public Schools
    4925 Merrick Road
    Massapequa, New York 11758

    (516) 308-5971