FLES and World Language

  • The need for language competence in a global society touches every sector of life.  From career preparation in an international workforce to citizen diplomacy and national defense to one’s role in a social or virtual community, communication across cultures is key. Learners today must have the language proficiency to communicate with global audiences, the insight into the cultural perspectives that shape those audiences, and the ability to behave appropriately in a variety of cultural contexts.  The World Language/ENL Department of Massapequa Schools strives to develop multilingual citizens.

    “Monolingualism is the illiteracy of the 21st Century”  -Gregg Roberts 

World Language Department Awards

  • SSOB 23-24          5-years

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Bill Anderson


  • William C. Anderson

    K-12 Curriculum Associate  
    World Languages &
    English as a New Language

    Massapequa Public Schools 
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