Project Zero

  • ‘Project Zero’ is a prestigious program conducted at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Over the past two summers, twenty Massapequa teachers and administrators from the elementary and middle school levels have participated in this week-long institute.  The program brings together hundreds of educators from around the globe to learn in a collegial setting.  Through the generous support of the Massapequa Community Fund, many of our elementary and middle school educators have benefited from the professional development this program has afforded. 

    ‘Project Zero Classroom’ assists educators in creating innovative learning environments that promote deep learning and understanding.  The program details various frameworks that allow participants to look at teaching analytically, develop new approaches to planning and make informed decisions about instruction.

    We are most appreciative to the Massapequa Community Fund for making this exceptional opportunity possible and confident that our participation will assist the Massapequa School District in advancing educational excellence!

     Participating members of the district's teaching and administrative staff:

    Ryan Aliperti Lockhart Elementary School
    Stephen Aspetti Birch Lane Elementary School
    Jennifer Bilich Alfred G. Berner Middle School 
    Deanna Catapano Unqua Elementary School
    Debra Cirella Lockhart Elementary School
    Marlene Feinberg Massapequa High School
    Teresa Ferreira Fairfield Elementary School
    Christina Haley East Lake Elementary School
    Deanna Henderson Unqua Elementary School
    Lucille Iconis District Administration
    Patricia Kanavy McKenna Elementary School
    Kimberly Kelly Birch Lane Elementary School
    Colleen Kiley Fairfield Elementary School
    Janice Kincaid Alfred G. Berner Middle School 
    Patti Krakoff East Lake Elementary School
    Kathy Landman Fairfield Elementary School
    Leanne Leder Unqua Elementary School
    Theresa Licausi East Lake Elementary School
    Amanda Lowry McKenna Elementary School
    Danielle  Mammolito Alfred G. Berner Middle School 
    Laurie Monteleone East Lake Elementary School
    Susan Murphy Birch Lane Elementary School
    Megan Pavlick Unqua Elementary School
    Maggie Rago McKenna Elementary School
    Glenna Raskin Fairfield Elementary School
    Michele Ritchie Fairfield Elementary School
    Janeen Signorile Birch Lane Elementary School
    Nicole Valentine Fairfield Elementary School
    Kira Wilkens Unqua Elementary School
    Stefanie Williams Fairfield & Unqua Elementary School
    Heather Yandoli Alfred G. Berner Middle School